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Freezing Point of Salt Water

Generally, the freeing point of salt water is -2 ºC. H2O (water): 18.018 g/mol NaCL (salt): 58.443 g/mol Sea water is denser than freshwater Sea Water on average has a salinity of about 3.5% Weighted average of the molecular weight: … Continue reading

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Really Interesting Idea from Scott at the mindshaftgap

Here is a great article from Scott at the mindshaftgap.  He explores using liquid nitrogen to increase the viscosity of oil and eventually freeze it.  The article also provides some great figures and graphs on oil at varying temperatures.  The … Continue reading

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Stop the BP Oil Leak

The BP Oil spill is a tragedy on an epic scale.  The lack of any adequate resolution is a wake up call to the world of the trouble humans are capable of getting themselves in. My solution is to use … Continue reading

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