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Relief Well Intercepts Deepwater Horizon Well

BP said in a statement that the relief well intercepted the stricken well’s annulus — the space between the well’s metal casing and the surrounding rock — nearly 13,000 feet below the seabed at 4:30 p.m. Central time on Thursday. … Continue reading

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Deepwater Horizon Well Sealed By Sunday!

Retired Coast Guard Adm. Thad Allen, the government official overseeing the crisis in the Gulf, said the relief well BP has been drilling all summer long should intersect the ruptured well within 24 hours. He said mud and cement will … Continue reading

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Obama Administration Orders Plugging or Dismantling of Wells and Platforms No Longer In Use.

The Obama administration moved to head off another catastrophic leak like the BP disaster Wednesday, ordering oil and gas companies in the Gulf of Mexico to plug or dismantle thousands of wells and platforms no longer in use. In Washington, … Continue reading

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Levelized Cost of Electricity By Source

Here is a great chart published in the Wall Street Journal’s Power Investing: Investing in Energy special report published on September 13, 2010. This chart shows the “levelized” cost of electricity–reflecting all costs (capital, fuel, operating costs, etc.) without subsidies–in … Continue reading

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BP Report: Blames Transocean And Halliburton

While BP claims their internal investigation was free from any senior management input, it was subject to many reviews from BP internal legal team. Hopefully the incident will provide the necessary wake-up call to the true cost of oil and … Continue reading

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BOP Recovered from the Ocean Floor

Last night, the failed BOP that had allowed BP’s Macondo well to flow uncontrolled into the Gulf of Mexico for 87 days earlier this year was recovered after a risky US government-ordered replacement procedure was completed. The massive structure was … Continue reading

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What Happened on the Deepwater Horizon

Here’s a great diagram of what went wrong with the Deepwater Horizon drilling. Click on the image for a larger version Graphic provided by Emmett Mayer III and Dan Shea / The Times-Picayune Source: Staff Research

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