Sealing Cap and the Latest Well Update

The latest well integrity tests on the sealing cap show the Macondo well has been successfully closed. BP continues to monitor the pressure, temperature, seafloor, seismic, sonar, and acoustics activity in the area to confirm that the well doesn’t continue to leak.

The good news is that the pressure in the well continues to rise. Each day the pressure increases slightly indicating, hopefully, that the well is intact and has been closed with the Collar and Cap procedure. See the pressure chart provided in a Kent Wells’ Technical Update on July 21, 2010:

The static containment will be used in conjunction with the relief well containment. The image below depicts the current status of the relief wells (the red line marks the Macondo well).

Finally, the latest update on the coordinated effort to stop the leaking well and all the activity taking place on the ocean surface and below. Take a look:

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